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This community is for serious, knowledgeable discussion of Ayn Rand and her philosophy, Objectivism. Being an Objectivist is not a prerequisite for membership, those who simply wish to learn about Objectivism or debate its merits in a polite manner are welcome to join.

Statements and actions that would not be tolerated (by the moderator's sense of toleration) in physical discussions will result in one-year loss of forum entry and comment posting privileges. Which generally means: act as if this were a meeting of professionals, not as if this were a high school lunch period. There's a zero tolerance policy toward insults of any kind, and people who engage in them will be banned without warning at the moderators' discretion.

Because this is a forum for the discussion of Ayn Rand and her philosophy, it is advisable that anyone taking part in these conversations have some knowledge of Objectivism. It's fine to ask beginner's questions, but if possible it'd save time and effort (both ours and yours) if you first went and read a summary of the philosophy, or the philosophy itself (even if it's only just Galt's speech from Atlas Shrugged). In other words, don't use this forum as a personal tutor, just as you wouldn't use the members of a Livejournal forum on a foreign language as a personal tutor for learning that language.

Against "crossposting": please avoid writing one entry and then crossposting it to ten unrelated communites and including this one as one of them if this comes at the price of relevance to this community: an entry that makes sense to be in atheism or capitalism or philosophy or libertarianism or objectivism wouldn't necessarily make sense in this community.

The below guidelines were written for clarification on what belongs in this Livejournal community; but feel free to skip them if they are overly obvious to you -- they're written for those who don't find these obvious.

*Examples of encouraged entries.*

-Entries discussing or asking questions on the novels, philosophy, or life of Ayn Rand.

-Entries discussing current events in connection to the above.

-Entries linking to articles, websites, services, or products which would be of interest or value to those interested in Ayn Rand's novels and philosophy.

-Entries discussing ways and means to spread, defend, or clarify Ayn Rand's philosophy or particular elements thereof to other parties (whether in individual conversation or in articles).

-Entries discussing or applying Ayn Rand's aesthetic philosophy or particular elements thereof are particularly encouraged, both because that is the most neglected branch of her philosophy and because it's the branch I (this is Rinku writing) am most interested in.

*Examples of discouraged entries (these may or may not be deleted at the moderator's discretion).*

-Entries which are ARI vs. TOC wars. This community was created in large part to avoid that. This means no entries that are primarily for Peikoff-bashing, and no entries that primarily for Kelley-bashing.

-Entries mocking or ridiculing Ayn Rand's novels, philosophy, or life. Questioning and disagreeing with those is fine, outright mocking as the primary intention of an entry (a.k.a. trolling) isn't.

-Even further, an entry where the primary intention is to mock anything, even altruism, subjectivism, or Communism, is discouraged. This is an 'evil isn't important enough to hate' thing.

-Entries asking us to do your homework or term papers for you.

-Entries advertising things obviously not related to Ayn Rand's novels, philosophy, or life (a.k.a. spamming).

-Entries that are repeats of questions asked in the past several times. If you are a new member and suspect something like your entry might have been posted in this forum previously, read the archives first. In particular, entries such as "What part of Objectivism do you disagree with?", "Is it possible to be a Christian and an Objectivist at once?", and "What do you think of this article by Rothbard/Branden/etc.?" have been posted about a half-dozen times each.

-Entries which discuss the excitement or enlightenment gained from reading Rand's works. It is understood that this community is meant for intermediate to advanced students of Objectivism. It is also understood that Objectivism and/or Ayn Rand's works is already a significant interest of the community members because it has had some impact on their lives, postive or negative. Please refer to the above communities for beginner-level or simplistic questions and anecdotes.

-Entries which feature articles that bash Ayn Rand at a basic level. Rand's personal life and philosophy can be easily picked apart by those who do not want to actually admit their ignorance concerning the subject. The community doesn't really require notification of this.

-Also, try to keep spelling, grammar, etc., readable. Perfection isn't required (I myself normally don't normally capitalize my entries), but readability is. So no 'u' for 'you', 'r' for 'are', sentence fragments, etc.

Search this forum's archives *BEFORE* you ask a question.
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